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Team San Martin Argentina Enters KPA Vegas Pro Summer League

Coach Scott Mitchell has entered Team San Martin Argentina into the 23rd Annual bsnsports_ky KPA Vegas Pro Summer League. The team will consist of 8 players who are on current rosters in various leagues in Argentina and two other players. Coach Mitchell has coached pro ball in Argentina and Chile, and college basketball in Australia. He played college basketball at South Dakota and professionally in Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Recently he has helped numerous players secure jobs in Argentina. He has also helped a few players secure jobs in Europe and Asia as well. "Coach Mitchell and his team are great for the event. I have known him for around 6 months and the big thing about him is he loves and respects the game of basketball. He loves using his connections to help players reach their dreams. For him to enter a team into the KPA is awesome. Also, the fact he has great connections all over the world is great for the players in the event. I am looking forward to watching his team and meeting him" said KPA Founder/Director Michael Stinnett. Teams and players can register at . The KPA was won last year by Coach Mo's KPA Pros coached by former NBA player and longtime pro coach Paul Mokeski. All games will be livestreamed on this year.

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