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2020 KPA Pro Exposure/Money Tournament will be held Saturday, August 15 in Louisville, Kentucky

*Due to Covid-19 the Las Vegas event has been cancelled - Due to the fact the NBA Summer League will not be held as usual etc. and for the safety of players.

*This event will take the place of the Vegas event and history for the event will be recorded from this one day event.

The event will be hosted by Free Agency Basketball based out of Spain and Stinnett Basketball Services    FA/SBS has placed 150 players into overseas jobs the past 4 years  recent news

*Individual Registrations only - However you can request to have one other player on your team but must register on same day. Also must meet position requirements. One player under 6-4 must register with one player 6-5 or over. The cost is $200 to register per player. DEADLINE AUG 5

*Winning team will receive a cash prize based on number of players registered but at least their entry fee back and possibly more. So each player on the winning team will be guaranteed entry fee back and more based on number of players. 

*The event will serve as a Pro Exposure event and at the same time offer a cash prize to the winning team(great deal for players). A lot of teams will do recruiting of import players late in the summer this year due to covid-19 and this will serve as an event that will serve as another option for them to recruit from. A lot of leagues will start later this year (Example Argentina second league will start in January). The KPA has 23 years of history in helping players gain pro exposure. 

*7 Players only per team (Tournament Committee will assign players evenly on all rosters to the best we can based on positions/keep in mind two players can sign up together to be on same team (one 6-4 and under and the other 6-5 or bigger).

*Double Elimination Tournament

*Games will be video taped and live streamed

*Donnie Stinnett MVP Award Cash Prize- Added to the MVP list of this great event - Plaque - extra $200 - 

*All League Team/plaque and added to the history of the event.

*All Rosters and Bios will be sent out to teams from all over the world and updated on this site and 

*Games 4 10 min quarters (Guaranteed two games/double elim/possibly several games)

*First game 8:30am on Sat. Aug. 15 and games will go all day until champion named

$200 Fee Per Player

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Can also pay cashapp - message and give him your cashapp name and he will request fee!
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Deposit $100 to hold spot/ remaining fee due by Aug. 5
$100 Deposit
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