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The following are players that Founder/Director Michael Stinnett feels has made the biggest impact on the overall development of the KPA, as well as players who currently play at the pro level. "These are the players who have given the KPA the reputation it has across the country. These are also players that have a special love and passion for the game. The tradition of the event is special." Michael Stinnett

Former Louisville Cardinal (Top 20 All Time Scoring List) and superstar for years in the Asian Pro Leagues Nate Johnson made a huge impact in the KPA. He lead two teams to championships in 2004 (FOE EAGLES) and in 2006 (Louisville Lightning). "Nate showed his dedication to the game by driving to Owensboro and staying in the Brescia Univ. dorms. He had a special way of giving his team instant chemistry, and I respect his love for the game. He probably in my opinion is the best overall player I have seen in KPA history. He still can play at a high level, last year signed in Qatar and was a huge impact player in the major cup compeition." Director Michael Stinnett *UPDATE JOHNSON WAS NAMED 2015 MVP and his team won the event!!! *The Veteran Returned!

Former Kentucky Wesleyan All American, NBA player (San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz), and overseas veteran Corey Crowder made a huge impact on the KPA. He lead his 1999 Independence Bank team to the championship as well as being named MVP. "Corey had one of the best work ethics I have ever seen. The first time I met him he was doing push-ups in the KWC dorms, and asking people to get on his back. He absolutely was an old school hard worker who got to the highest level." Michael Stinnett


*Corey's son Jai Crowder is in the NBA. He played at Marquette and is now with the Boston Celtics.

Former Otterbein (NCAA Division 3 All American) and European superstar Jeff Gibbs made a HUGE impact for several years in the KPA. He lead his Ten Deep (Knoxville, Tenn.) team to two championships in 2001 and 2003, and was named MVP in 2003. "I will never forget the first time in walked in the doors with Ten Deep out of Knoxville and I thought he was a football player they had picked up. However I quickly found out he could play by scoring 41 in his first game. He is a 6-2 245 pound power forward who is virtually unstoppable. I also tried to tell every pro team in Europe about him, and everyone laughed until someone finally took him. He went to be an All Star in the BBL Germany and lead the league in rebounding. He currently is in Japan. He is a highlight reel, and big time player."

Michael Stinnett

Former Apollo High, Sanford, and European Veteran Marc Salyers lead his 2000 2nd Chance Auto Sales to the championship and was named MVP. Salyers has been all league in countries all over Europe and Asia. "Marc is a tireless worker who played with passion in every KPA game. He also came back in 2011 to make an appearance in a few games and it meant a lot to me. He loves the game and his work ethic showed each summer with his conditioning." Michael Stinnett 

Former LSU and NBA Veteran Jabari Smith lead Team Atlanta to an amazing run with three final appearances and the 2009 championship. Smith was also named MVP in 2009. "Jabari loved playing in the KPA, and at 6-11 was one of the best perimeter 3pt. shooters has ever seen. He also played to win and stayed in amazing condition. He could play all day. His Team Atlanta team was loaded several years." Michael Stinnett

Former University of Houston, NBA and overseas veteran (currently in Austria) Andre Owens dominated in a  5 year run with Kenny Kings out of Indianapolis. Kenny Kings won two titles and made 4 final appearances. Owens was named MVP in 2007. "Andre brought as much energy and passion to the floor as anyone who has played in the KPA. He has tremendous desire to win and his work ethic is unmatched." Michael Stinnett 

Former Austin Peay and NBA veteran Trenton Hassell had some amazing games in the KPA, and was an all tournament performer several years. He lead his Clarksville team to the final four three times. "Hassell played to win. I will never forget one night when we played at Nolan Fieldhouse in Indiana, and hit some amazing 3 pointers in the final seconds from the hash mark to bring his team back to victory. His Clarksville teams were organized and wore NJ Nets practice gear."Michael Stinnett

Former University Heights H.S., Clemson, and NBA Veteran Greg Buckner brought his Crofton Stars team to the KPA several times. "Buckner went to war every game and used the KPA as a training ground during his NBA summers. He was a true professional on and off the floor during the KPA. Michael Stinnett  

*Greg Buckner is an assistant in the NBA for the Houston Rockets currently. 

Former Florida star and current NBA Houston Rocket Corey Brewer brought in fans in 2011, as he teamed up with Trenton Hassell on the Clarksville Stars. Brewer was most impressive with his defense, and had a few hi-light jams. 

Former Western Kentucky standout and former NBA Slam Dunk Champion Jeremy Evans brought in several fans in 2011 playing with Team Jordan out of Bowling Green. He also made an appearance in 2014. Evans had some high flying dunks and is big supporter of the KPA.

Former Southeastern Illinois J.C., NBA, overseas veteran Donta Smith lead his Team Stone team to a championship in 2010. He was also named MVP in 2010. Smith currently plays in Israel, and is one of the top Asian league players. Smith is one of the most versatile wing men to play in the KPA


Former Fairdale High School, Cumberland University, and Latin America superstar Leroy Hickerson has put on a show several years in the KPA. "He is a fan favorite when he walks in the doors. He also has given 110% in every game he has ever played in the KPA. Hfis hi-light dunks are unmatched, and make him an instant crowd favorite."Michael Stinnett

Former Division 2 All American (Indianapolis) and current pro in Italy's top division David Logan has been a main stay in the KPA. Logan has been apart of the Evansville Bad Boyz and the dynasty Kenny Kings. "Logan is the best 3pt. shooter to play in the history of the KPA. He also is a big shot maker, and more importantly loves and respects the game." Michael Stinnett

Former IUPUI and overseas veteran Odell Bradley put on a show for several years in the KPA. Bradley made the all league team 4 times, and was a prolific scorer each year. "Bradley was a beast in the KPA. He was so versatile and strong. He combined with guard skills with the ability to post around the basket. Team Nashville always brought a great team." Michael Stinnett

Former Wagner University and professional standout Tony Rice was definitely a KPA Legend. Rice brought his New Beginnings (Columbus, Ohio) to the KPA each year and captured the championship in 2005. "Tony was an amazing scorer and competitor. He could create his shot whenever he wanted and did so mainly behind the 3pt. line. He put on a show one night vs. Kentucky Wesleyan college with 9 contested 3pt. goals. Everyone was on their feet in the gym." Michael Stinnett

*Rice is the father of current Louisville Women's player Mariya Moore.

Former Owensboro High, LSU, and NBA (Cleveland Cavaliers and Denver Nuggets) player Kenny "The Doctor" Higgs was an amazing player in the KPA." Doc was getting up in age during the KPA beginning but had a couple of 40 plus games, but his passing was what separated him. Kenny Higgs will go down as one of the best to ever lace them up in the KPA." Michael Stinnett

This fromer Evansville Bosse, George Washington, and pro in Russia Dirk Surles put on a show in the early years in the KPA. Surles played for the Evansville Bad Boyz and was apart of some heated rivalries with teams in the Owensboro area. Surles won the championship in 1997 and was named MVP. "Surles was a high flying guard who could flat do all aspects of the game. He brought passion to the court each time he played." Michael Stinnett

#22 in Indiana State team picture above Carl Nicks played for the Evansville Bad Boyz in the KPA. Nicks was a star on the undefeated Indiana State team that went undefeated until the final game vs. Michigan State. "Nicks came to the KPA and played 4 games in one day and was amazing with overall ability to play the PG position." Michael Stinnett *Carl Nicks is currently an NBA scout for the Indiana Pacers

Former Wisconsin Green Bay and veteran overseas pro Brandon Morris lead his Jay Bee Auto team to the 2011 championship and was named MVP. Morris and his Jay Bee Auto (Kenosha, Wisconsin) team were a main stay in the KPA for years and won it all in 2011. " Brandon was amazing in 2011 making big shot after big shot. He is a versatile big guard who can flat play. He and Coach Tony Moore were a blessing to the KPA." Michael Stinnett

Former Elizabethtown High School, Kentucky, and overseas superstar Antwain Barbour was a huge hit the times he played in the KPA. He played on the FOE Eagles and won the 2004 KPA. FOE was loaded Nate Johnson (Louisville), Exree Hipp (Maryland), and Chauncey Jones (Alabamba). "Barbour came down and stayed in the dorms at Brescia for the weekend and put on a show with Nate Johnson." Michael Stinnett

Former Vanderbilt and overseas pro Ronnie McMahan was an all league player several years at the KPA. He was apart of the Ten Deep (Knoxville, Tn. ) championship team, as well as making some final four runs with Team Nashville. "Ronnie enjoyed the KPA, and made an effort to attend every summer. He had many games where he made 6 or more 3's and always played hard. One of the best to play in the KPA." Michael Stinnett

Former Tennessee Tech and pro in Luxenbourg Larrie Smith was a main stay for several years in the KPA. He was a dominant low post scorer at 6-6 and rebounder. He was a part of several Team Nashville final four teams. "He had a special knack for scoring the ball around the basket at 6-6. He went on to play in Luxenbourg for years and is a legend there." Michael Stinnett

Former Western H.S., Cumberland University,and overseas pro Alonzo Evans was a good as anyone for several years in the KPA. He was all league in 2007 and 2008. "Alonzo was virtually unstoppable in the KPA for a few years. He was so athletic and strong, and had a fundamental game to go with it." Michael Stinnett

Former Caverna, Georgetown College, and veteran overseas pro has some excellent KPA games. "I tried and tried to get Woodard down to the KPA, and he finally came with a nice team from Lexington that included Alvin Sims. Woodard during once stretch for a few years was as good a PG that you would find ANYWHERE. He was special." Michael Stinnett

Former Jeffersonville High School and University of Louisville standout BJ Flynn was amazing in 2002 leading his team to the finals, and was also named MVP. "Flynn a hard nosed role player at UofL showed his overall game in the KPA that summer. He was a scoring machine, and either scored or got fouled on all his drives basically. He was a warrior on both ends of the floor. One of the best 5 game stretches for any player in KPA history." Michael Stinnett 

This Forward dominated the summer circuit for three years. Former Kentucky Wesleyan and professional player Dana Williams lead his 1998 Owensboro Bulls team to the championship. He was also named MVP. Williams also was a Division 2 National Champion and All American at Kentucky Wesleyan. "The New Orleans native came to town and brought passion to the court in the summer time. Williams was an explosive low post scorer and rebounder. He was a very special player!" Michael Stinnett

Former Ball State, NBA, overseas star Chandler Thompson came to the KPA as a veteran and won a championship in 2007 with Kenny Kings. "Chandler had a segmant in the semi final game that was amazing at his age. He scored 5 trips straight from inside and out. It was great to have him at the KPA." Michael Stinnett Video Below

Former Paris High School, University of Louisville, and NBA/Overseas veteran played several years in the KPA. "Alvin was a big part of the KPA getting exposure when we first got going by the appearances he made. He was a hi light show, and played with passion in all of his KPA appearances." Michael Stinnett

Former Mississippi State All American, NBA, and overseas superstar Dontae Jones was a regular on the summer circuit and made an impact on the KPA. He played for Team Nashville several years. "Jones was a fan favorite and got the hype up surrounding the event each year. He also played hard when he was there, and Team Nashville was a dominating team for years." Michael Stinnett

Former Purdue, NBA, and overseas pro Roy Hairston played in two KPA's, and won championships each year. He played for Kenny Kings out of Indianapolis. He was all named All League. "Hariston one of my favorites as a college player had some excellent scoring games and was in great shape. He was a veteran when he came but showed why he played so long with his professionalism." Michael Stinnett

ROD DRAKE - Pic Coming

Former Kentucky Wesleyan All American, CBA, and overseas pro Rod Drake may have made the overall biggest impact on the KPA in the early years. Drake in the Western Kentucky  area was a hoops legend. He not only played he WON. "Rod and I were very close friends. The thing about Rod I respected the most about was that his whole focus was on winning, not individual honors. However he could go to another level if he wanted. I remember when he got 36 one day on SSPB Sunday School out of Nashville (Powerhouse team out of Nashville/First KPA Champion) and he showed the type of scorer he could be if need be. Drake was known for his rebounding and passing, and more importantly his ability to develop team chemistry. I will never forgot the summers we trained together and how hyped we got before KPA and Dust Bowl games." Michael Stinnett

Drake is current Head Coach at Owensboro H.S.

Former Kentucky Wesleyan Division 2 All American and Latin America Pro (several years in Mexico) Dontae Truitt was dominate in the KPA. "Truitt was one of the best 1 on 1 players to play in the KPA ever. He was an NBA caliber guy who was an amazing athlete. Dontae meant a lot to the KPA. The fans loved to watch him play and he played hard." Michael Stinnett

ARLANDO JOHNSON - pic coming soon

Former Division 2 National Player of the Year and pro Willis Cheaney was dominate in 1996 as he lead Boiler Room Bar to the Championship. Cheaney was also named MVP. "Willis was as quick as any player to play in the KPA. He could get to the hole or shoot the jump shot with consistency which made him impossible to stop." Michael Stinnett

All Time Leading Scorer at Austin Peay and former NBA player Bubba Wells made a few KPA appearances. "Bubba was the first NBA type player to step on the floor in the KPA. This was a major move by him at the time to bring in other high level pros." Michael Stinnett  *He is currently an assistant coach at Ausin Peay

Former Doss, Louisville, and veteran overseas pro Tony Williams made several appearances in the KPA. "Tony,BJ, and Nate were huge in getting former Louisville players to play in the KPA. Tony was playing at the highest level in Europe, and he pplaying was huge in starting to get high level Euro plaers to play in the KPA." Michael Stinnett *Tony is the head coach at Doss High School

Former Apollo HS and Eastern Kentucky (All OVC) standout Arlando Johnson was an amazing player in the early days of the KPA. Johnson and his Owensboro Bulls were a dominate summer cirucit team in the late 90's. Johnson won two championships in 1998 and 2000. "Arlando was a true PG who could do it all. He also was a big shot maker from deep when the game was on the line. He was the glue to those dominate teams at that time." Michael Stinnett  *Arlando is currently the Head Girls Coach at Apollo High

LAMONT ROLAND - pic coming soon
DERRICK LYONS - Pic Coming Soon

Former Division 2 All American at Southern Indiana (USI) and overseas pro Derrick Lyons was a star in the early days of the KPA. Lyons was on several of the Bad Boyz teams from Evansville. He lead the 1997 team Bad Boyz team to the KPA finals. "Derrick was an amazing guard who could flat get up in the air. Lyons was athletic and could shoot the 3 and finish in traffic. I helped get Derrick his first pro job in Ireland." Michael Stinnett

Former New Albany High School, LSU, and overseas pro Lamont Roland made a huge impact on the KPA for several years. Roland played on the 2010 champions Team Stone and was an All League player. "Lamont was a special wing player who had amazing ability combined with a very fundamental game. He had some very good games and was fun to watch." Michael Stinnett *Lamont's son Tenale won the KPA Championship in 2014.

Former Doss HS, Alderson Broaddus, and veteran overseas pro Sean Hampton has played in the KPA for years and is as good of scorer that has played in it. He has made the All League team and won the championship last year at 38 years old. "Sean has been playing almost since this thing started and keeps on going. He has a knack for scoring that is special. I will never forget the first time I saw Sean play in the King of the Bluegrass and he scored 40 against Mason Co in HS. Hampton was an All American at Alderson Broaddus and has played in Europe for years. He is a true veteran who LOVES the game! Michael Stinnett

Former Tennessee and overseas veteran Corey Allen was a huge part of the growth of the KPA. "Corey was a versatile 3 man who could shoot the ball from deep, and was apart of several final 4 teams in the KPA. He was an all league performer several times.Corey brought some excellent teams from Nashville over the years. I will never forget when I finally got them to come to the KPA. They continued to come for years,and Corey was a major reason for it. He truly loves the game and his teams were always professionals at the KPA." Michael Stinnett

HESON GROVES - pic coming soon

Former Winthrop and overseas pro Heson Groves lead his team Ten Deep to the 2001 Championship and he was named MVP. "Coach Dwayne Robinson told me he was bringing a player, and he did. Heson was a 6-8 beast that year. He was a highlight reel during the 2001 event, and played with great energy. He was a fan favorite that year." Michael Stinnett

Former Texas Tech and Veteran NBA player Mark Davis made a major impact in 2011 by making the All League team. "Davis came in with Team Atlanta, and at first no one knew who he was. However it did not take long to figure out he was a BIG TIME player. Davis was special in 2011 and gained instant KPA legend status." Michael Stinnett

Former Boston College and overseas pro Ryan Sidney put on a show at a few KPA tournaments. EJ Bates brought Sidney to play with a team the A.Eaddy Ballers (Saginaw Michigan). "I will never forget the Friday night Sidney came in to play at Brescia University. He went to war. Sidney had some amazing dunks, but more importantly played to win. He ws a tremendous defender and rebounder for his size." Michael Stinnett 

Former All American at Southern Illinois and overseas veteran Jermaine Dearman is one of the better fowards to ever play in the KPA. He lead Kenny Kings to the 2007 and 2008 championships (first ever back to back), and was named MVP in 2008. "Jermaine was an absolute warrior on the floor when he played. He played to win, and did whatever it took to do so. He was a dominant player." Michael Stinnett

Former Western Kentucky and Overseas standout Mike Wells was a huge part of the early years and the growth of the KPA. "Mike was explosive in the KPA, and the fans liked to watch him play. His Crofton All Stars team was a regular squad for several years in the KPA. Mike was a standout player for years. He also was seen by an agent from Spain Javier Jimenez at the KPA, and went to Spain the next year to play." Michael Stinnett

Former University Heights, Temple, and overseas veteran Lamont Barnes made a few KPA appearances. "Barnes came to play in the KPA in the early years with Hopkinsville and he was huge for the respect of the event with his playing background. Barnes played on some very good teams from Hop Town."  Michael Stinnett *Barnes is still playing in Uruguay this season.

Former Christian Co, Western Ky, and overseas pro Tony Lovan was a dominant player in the early years of the KPA. He and Mike Wells made a good duo for the Crofton All Stars. "Tony's dad William was a big part of the event, he loved to bring a team to the KPA. He also took it very serious and brought good players. Crofton was a solid team each year. Tony was an inside/outside type player who wanted to win, and was very versatile." Michael Stinnett 

Former Northwestern Iowa (NAIA) and overseas veteran Brandon Woudstra put on a show at the KPA. "Woudstra came in with the Akron Wingfoots and was one amazing. He shot it will from deep and could drive it and finish, but had a very high basketball IQ. I had overseas calling me the entire time he was playing in the event. He eventually went to Iceland and the KPA helped him do that. He then went on to be a star in Germany and Holland." Michael Stinnett

This former Miami Ohio standout and overseas star had soem excellent KPA appearances."I used to beg David to play and he finally made it and then played several years after. It was special to have him in the event, and his overall game was as good as any. He helped to grow the event in a lot of ways. Michael Stinnett 

Former Owensboro High and Brescia University standout David Phillips had some great games in the KPA. Phillips lead the nation in rebounding at Brescia University during his college days. "David was a winner and played on teams that won in the KPA. David played on three teams that won the KPA (Owensnboro Bulls 1998, 2nd Chance Auto 2000, and Brescia University 2002). He always had a knack for getting a big putback just when it was needed." Michael Stinnett  *David currently is an Assistant Principal and Assistant Coach at Owensboro High School.

Former Temple Baptist College and veteran overseas pro Kevin Sowell put on a show for a few years in the KPA. "Kevin played with ABE Sports Management out of New Jersey and came in and dominated the event. He was selected as the best guard in the event in 2006. I will never forget someone asking me if he was Rajon Rondo that year. It was not Rondo but it was an extremely athletic guard who has gone on to big time career in several countries. He also game the KPA props in this article for helping him get his first job . " Michael Stinnett

Former Arizona and overseas star Jason Gardner played in two KPA events. "Gardner only added to an amazing Kenny Kings roster on their championship runs. He played hard and played to win the times he played. He was a major name for the event." Michael Stinnett *Gardner is the Head Coach at NCAA Division 1 IUPUI currently.

Former Ohio University and overseas pro Sanjey Adell had a great KPA in 2005 leading New Beginnings from Columbus, Ohio to the championship. Adell also was named MVP in 2005. "Adell put on a show in 2005 scoring from inside and out. Tony Rice brought him in and teaming up with him and Ike Jefferson they were very good." Michael Stinnett

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