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Select Entry:

Certain players will be offered the Select Entry for the 24th Annual KPA Vegas. Players will pay a fee of $250.00 to enter . Select entry will be based on the experience and stats of the player, and decided upon by the SBS and Free Agency Basketball (Spain) staff. Keep in mind that the players selected will be very good players (current  or former professional players or All American College Players). The select entry cost is $250 and if selected this is all you will pay for the event, with the exception of your travel, hotel, and food cost. This is not a draft you will know up front if you qualify for this fee. The select fee will go up $50 dollars on June 1. The reason for this is that the key to events like this is having rosters ready early to give to potential scouts etc. Email Michael Stinnett at to see if qualify for the select fee or fill form out below. 
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