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Friday, July 5th

*All Staff and Players need to plan on being at the South Hall of the Las Vegas  Convention Center (3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109) by 11:30am (Pacific Time Zone) *Come to the South Hall

11:45am KPA Vegas Welcome Meeting (Introductions/Workshop/Team Assignments) *Conference room at Convention Center 

1:00 Jersey Pick-up (Conference Room at Convention Center)

1:15 Practice KPA Spain (Coach Xevi Pujol) and KPA Belgium (Coach Thomas Roijakkers)

2:15 Practice KPA Europe (Coach Pascal Meurs) and KPA Iceland (Coach Chris Caird)

3:15 Practice KPA Free Agency Celtics (Coach John Tinsley) and Team San Martin Argentina (Coach Scott Mitchell)

4:15 Practice KPA Asia (Coach Sam Casey) and KPA Luxembourg (Coach Alexandre Pires)

5:15 Game 1  KPA Spain vs. KPA Belgium

6:25 Game 2 KPA Europe vs. KPA Iceland

7:35 Game 3 KPA Free Agency Celtics vs. Team San Martin Argentina

8:45 Game 4 KPA Asia vs. KPA Luxembourg

*We will have MVP Award for every game.

Saturday, July 6th

9a.m. Practice KPA Belgium and KPA Europe

9:45   Practice KPA Spain and KPA Iceland

10:30  Practice KPA Free Agency Celtics and KPA Luxembourg

11:15  Practice Team San Martin Argentina and KPA Asia

12:00pm Game 5 KPA Belgium vs. KPA Europe

1:15pm   Game 6 KPA Spain vs. KPA Iceland

2:30pm   Game 7  KPA Free Agency Celtics vs. KPA Luxembourg

3:45pm   Game 8  Team San Martin Argentina vs. KPA Asia

*Players check email and social media that evening for Tournament game times Twitter and Instagram @CoachStinnett     *Seeding for tournament  Overall Record, Overall points allowed

*We will have MVP Award for every game.

Sunday, July 7

9a.m. Seed 1 vs. Seed 8

10a.m. Seed 4 vs. Seed 5

11a.m. Seed 2 vs. Seed 7

12p.m. Seed 3 vs. Seed 6

1:15p.m. 1 / 8 Winner vs. 4 / 5 Winner   Semi Final

2:15 p.m. 2/7 Winner vs. 3/6 Winner Semi Final

3:30p.m. 23rd Championship Game

4:45 KPA Champs Picture/Awards, Naming of 23rd Annual Donnie Stinnett KPA MVP Award

*Once your team is eliminated you are free to go.


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