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Coach Agustin Julbe Added to KPA Vegas Pro Summer League Coaching Staff

Coach Agustin Julbe has been added to the @bsnsports_ky KPA Vegas Pro Summer League coaching staff. Julbe is the Head Coach of Montakit Fuenlabrada in the top league in Spain, and his team will also play Basketball Champions League. He is a veteran professional coach and the KPA is blessed to have him coach in the event. His list of accomplishments:

Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) Winner -13

Euroleague Final Four -13, 14

Spanish ACB Finalist -13

Spanish ACB Supercup Semifinals -14

Spanish Catalonian League Winner -13

Spanish Cup (Cope del Rey) Finalist -14

Spanish Liga Endesa Champion -14

Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) Semifinals -16

Euroleague Final Four -16

Spanish Liga Endesa Semifinals -16

Turkish President Cup Finalist -17

Turkish Cup Finalist -17

Euroleague Quarterfinals -17

Turkish League Semifinals -17 July 6-8

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