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A.J. Slaughter Named KPA Legend

Going into the 22nd year of the KPA Summer League, I want to add a player to our LEGENDS list .This guy means the world to me (more than he knows). He has played in the event when it was hosted in Owensboro, Sellersburg, and Louisville. I remember his first KPA appearance in Sellersburg (Nolan Fieldhouse) coming out of Western Kentucky. He played every year when it was in the area no matter if he had just got done with his pro team a few days before. He not only played, he put a team in following normal team entry guidelines. AJ Slaughter @slaughter3stacks is a guy who LOVES the game and has an old school mentality in regards to respecting the game. He has put on some amazing shows over the years in the KPA, and I personally want him to know how much it was appreciated. He also has brought some great players into the event, pictured below former NBA Dunk Champion Jeremy Evans with my son at the KPA. Slaughter played at Shelby Co HS, Western Ky Univ., and has played in France, Italy, Belgium,Greece,Turkey, and with the Poland National Team. Then to see what he did with his FREE workout for kids (@slaughter_elite_camp ) at Martha Layne Collins was very appropriate for his respect and love of the game. Shout out to AJ Slaughter for being a TRUE PRO and giving back to the community the right way! Let me say the Slaughter Elite Camp was truly #godsplan ! AJ will be added to the LEGENDS list Looking forward to year 22 into Las Vegas! I hope their is another Slaughter in LV, but they are HARD to find.

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