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The 2017 21st Annual BSN SPORTS KPA will be held in Las Vegas July 9,10,12,13 in conjunction with the Free Agency/SBS Pro Exposure Workouts. The event will not be held in Louisville this summer. The event will consist of 4 nights of combine drills and summer league games during the time period of the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. Each night a team champion will be named, as well as 3 all league players. The overall Team Champ and MVP of the event will be decided by the KPA, Free Agency, and SBS staff. The tradition and history of the event will continue in Las Vegas. The event will feature pro exposure and high level competitive play. Certified FIBA Agent David Gonzalez (Spain) and his scouting staff will be at all workouts as well as team reps from all over the world. Register at click on Las Vegas Pro Workouts or go to .

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