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Requirements: Players that played at UNLV for at least one season, and are currently playing at the professional level, or are looking to play pro basketball.
Players can reunite with old friends and compete in a very competitive event in the city where they played college basketball. We also want to get the media involved with feature stories on this team so fans can catch up on your career.
*Pro Coaches will coach the teams in the event, and scouts from all over the world will be in attendance. (excellent if looking for new job and more pro exposure, and regardless good competitive workouts). *NBA Summer League right down the road
*Players are guaranteed two practices and two pro games, and then single elimintation tournament.
About the event: 
Schedule for the event: 
Cost per player: $53 *This is not about money but putting together a competitive team for a great event. Uniforms will be provided by the league and all games will have stats and video. The coach of this team will be based on the decision of the players that decide to participate. I can assign coach or you guys can get your own coach. There will be a team champion, all league team and MVP named.
Contact Director Michael Stinnett at if interested in organizing this team. I have contacted Coach Menzies at UNLV in regards to former players working out on campus etc. I am getting the staff at Vegas involved. *Also organizer of team could possibly find a local sponsor to help with the formation of this team and other events that could develop.
Each player would need to fill the form out on registration page 
and pay fee of $53. This is best deal in Vegas for an event of this nature.
KPA Schedule July 6-8
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