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2016 KPA Press Release

20th Annual Kentuckiana Pro Am Press Release   website:  (click on 2016 Kentuckiana Pro Am Button)

Dates: Friday June 17(League Games), Saturday June 18 (Workout/League Game), MondayJune 20 (League Games), Tuesday June 21 (League Games),Wed. Thur. Friday June 22-24 (Tournament/Playoffs)  

  Schedule Link:!2016-schedule/tgyuw

Gym: Beth Haven Christian School (5515 Johnsontown Road Louisville, Kentucky 40272)

2015 Results :!blank/c1s80  

KPA History:!history/c1pz 

KPA Legends:!kpa-legends/c1ulp 

*Last years coverage was GREATLY appreciated. I have been doing this for 20 years, and trying to help guys go overseas during that time. I think this event could grow into something very special. Professional leagues around the world are more aware of it than people in the city or state.It is for some reason difficult to get the city behind it, because of a lack of sponsorship and publicity. Your support means a lot to the event and me, because I think the city needs this in the summer for a variety of reasons. (the youth of the city need to know these players exist and need to see them play). 


Interesting storylines heading into the 2016 KPA:

The defending champs Overseas Pros return (full roster below) - However, here is some interesting info about their team: *Peyton Siva just completed first year in Italy (2nd in league in assists and steals), Chris Dowe (won a championship in France Pro B/huge accomplishment from a kid from the city Eastern High/Bellarmine), Jazz Ferguson (just completed another big time year in Italy and has signed a very good contract for next season *huge story in my opinion for the city  came out of Moore High School/IU Southeast and now playing in Italy (one of best leagues in Europe)), Alhaji Mohammed (former Louisville Player just was named first team All Romania league and led the league in scoring), Larry O'Bannon (Male/Louisville   just finished another great year in Argentina and has played all over the world), Leroy Hickerson (Fairdale/Cumberland TN   just completed the year in Israel (big contract when play in Israel), Keisten Jones (Ballard/Bellarmine  just completed first year in Germany) *then the veteran Nate Johnson 2015 KPA MVP returns (Johnson did not play this year but has played all over the world and was a few years ago ASIA play of the year)     *they will try to repeat as champs


Kounty Boyz - AJ Slaughter (Shelby Co/Western Kentucky/Turkey this past season  one of the best to come out of this area in years/Played last summer for the Poland National Team and is one of the better players in all of Europe each season), Aaron Cosby (local product just came out of Western Kentucky currently getting ready to go to Las Vegas for international camps and sign first pro contract), Steffphon Pettigrew (Lead state in scoring at Elizabethtown/standout at Western Kentucky and has had big time overseas career and just finished past season in France), A'Darius Pegues (Western High/Western Kentucky/Campbellsville  *good career overseas in Latin America)


Free Agency Basketball - excellent group - Remy Abell ( Eastern High/ just came out of Xavier 2016 preparing for first year of pro basketall next season), Deondre McWhorter (Moore High School/just came out of college at Georgetown College this past year Named 2016 NAIA Player of the Year, preparing for first pro season), Lyonell Gaines (Eastern High/just came out of Morehead State this past season  had 27pts on ESPN vs Nevada in CBI post season tournament  preparing for first pro season), Darius Gibson (just came out of Samford NCAA Div 1 this past season/all conference  played for Scott Padgett at Samford, preparing for first pro season), 

Team Southern Indiana - 2014 Champs  *waiting on their full roster  Tenale Roland (New Albany High School /led North Cyprus league in scoring this past season), Vance Hall (Franklin Co/Bellarmine  Named all league in Iceland this past season   *Vance got his first pro job because of his play in the KPA last summer.

2016 KPA Schedule

Friday, June 17

6:30pm KPA Select vs. First Care Dental

7:30pm Team Southern Indiana vs. Team Havoc

8:30pm Free Agency Basketball  vs  Kounty Boyz

Saturday, June 18

10:00am KPA Pro Workout (Players wanting to go overseas)

11:30am KPA Select vs KPA Workout

Monday, June 20

7pm Team KPA Select vs. Team Havoc

8pm Kentucky State Alumni vs. First Care Dental

9pm Kounty Boyz vs. Team Southern Indiana

Tuesday, June 21

7pm First Care Dental vs. Team Southern Indiana

8pm Kounty Boyz vs. Kentucky State Alumni

9pm KPA Select vs. Team Havoc

Wednesday June 22  KPA Tournament Begins (single elimination but all teams guaranteed one extra game)


7:30   Free Agency Basketball vs TBA

8:30   Overseas Pros vs. TBA


Thursday June 23

6:30 Losers of Games on Wednesday

7:30 Losers of Games on Wednesday

8:30 KPA Semi Finals

9:30 KPA Semi Finals

Friday June 24

6:30pm  Losers of Semi Final games on Thursday

7:30 KPA Finals


2016 KPA Rosters

First Care Dental (Louisville, Kentucky)

Aaron Nance         6-3      Forward   Louisville  *2015 KPA All League

DeWhon McAfee  6-0     Guard        Spalding

Tony Butler            6-5     Forward     Louisville

Tirrell Weathers    5-10   Guard        Lindsey Wilson

Vernon Payne        6-7      Forward    IU Southeast

Robbie Simpson    6-10    Center      Cheyney University  

Cody Cutsinger      6-1       Guard       Spalding

Dominque Sangester 6-0  Guard       Spalding


Kounty Boyz  (Shelbyville, Kentucky)

AJ Slaughter            6-3      Guard       Western Kentucky/Turkey *2015 All League

Donovan Johnson  6-6       Forward   Kentucky Wesleyan/Argentina

Charles Foster         6-1       Guard       Southern Indiana

Aaron Cosby            6-3       Guard       Western Kentucky (2016)

Brian Stone              6-8       Forward   Malone University (2016)

A’Darius Pegues      6-10     Forward   Campbellsville/Mexico

Steffphon Pettigrew 6-7     Forward   Western Kentucky/France

CJ Penny                    6-6       Forward   Asbury

Kyle Lamb                  6-1      Guard        Asbury



Overseas Pros (Louisville, Kentucky)  *2015 KPA Champs

Peyton Siva               6-1       Guard        Louisville/NBA/Italy *2015 All League

Chris Dowe                6-4       Guard        Bellarmine/France *2015 All League

Jazz  Ferguson           6-1       Guard       IU Southeast/Italy *2015 All League

Nate Johnson            6-7       Forward   Louisville/Asia  *2015 KPA MVP

Larry O’Bannon        6-4       Guard        Louisville/Argentina

Alhaji Mohammed   6-4      Guard        Louisville/Romania

Keisten Jones            6-4       Guard       Bellarmine/Germany

Leroy Hickerson       6-5       Forward    Cumberland/Israel  *2015 All League

Leroy Nobles             6-5      Guard         IUPUI/Mexico

Rick Bodiford            6-4       Guard        IU Southeast/Canada

Team Havoc (Louisville, Kentucky)

Carlos Mitchell          6-1      Guard        IU Southeast/UBA

Robbie Simpson        6-10    Center       Cheyney University

Will Richard               6-3       Guard        Chile/UBA

Bradley Medley        6-5       Guard         UBA

David Scott                6-8       Forward     Miami Ohio/Argentina

Mac Wilkinson          6-9       Forward     Louisville/Europe

Terrance Farley         6-10     Center        Louisville/Europe/UBA

Sean Hampton          6-5        Forward    Alderson Broaddus/Germany/UBA

Thomas Colemon     6-9        Forward     North Carolina A&T/Uruguay

Robert Shaw             6-1        Guard          Kentucky State



KPA Select

Jomari Bradshaw     6-6        Guard           Florida A&M *2015 KPA All League

Tyrell Means            6-2          Guard          IU Southeast/ABA    

Corey Jackson          6-4         Guard           Charleston University

Jermaine Jackson    6-4         Forward       Florida Tech

Lafayette Jackson   6-0         Guard           Boyce

Martez Dow             6-3         Forward       IU Southeast

Quinton Horton      5-11       Guard           St. Catherine/UBA

Brandon Williams  6-5          Forward      Spalding

Free Agency Basketball

Lyonell Gaines        6-6         Forward        Morehead State (2016)

Chris Johnson         6-3         Guard            St. Catherine (2016)

Darius Gibson        6-2          Guard            Samford  (2016)

Remy Abell             6-4         Guard             Xavier (2016)

Marcellus Barksdale  6-5    Guard             IUPUI (2016)

Dominque Hagans 6-3        Guard             Union College

Deondre McWhorter 6-8    Forward        Georgetown College


Malcolm Smith       6-1        Guard             Kentucky State

Darrien Wilkins      6-5        Forward         Kentucky State

Tryston Ford           5-9        Guard             Kentucky State

Devan Crain            6-1        Guard             Kentucky State

Deiontray Walters 6-0        Guard             Kentucky State

Dorian Jordan         5-9        Guard             Kentucky State


Team Southern Indiana   *2014 KPA Champs

Tenale Roland   6-0            Guard               Southern Indiana/Cyprus    *2015 All League

Vance Hall          6-4            Guard               Bellarmine/Iceland   *2015 All League

*more TBA   they will be loaded


*also tournament is open to other teams beginning June 22      I will send new rosters for that and update rosters as we go



Coach Michael Stinnett

Beth Haven Christian Head Coach


Stinnett Basketball Services 

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